Late April/early May is a hard time to try and make social plans because everyone is justifiably very busy. Out of my close friends, one is performing in a play this afternoon and evening, one is working and studying for finals, three of them are school teachers who are buried under grading, one is a nurse practitioner who’s working an overnight shift and therefore is asleep right now, one just got hired as a chef at a local resort so he’s working insane weekend hours until 1 or 2am, and my beau is away working at a conference this weekend. Really, the only way I myself ended up with this weekend free is because I chugged away at homework earlier in the week specifically so that I could have today and tomorrow free to myself, but everyone else is busy, lol.

I’m pretty extroverted, so 5-6 days in a row of work work work study study study and no friend time isn’t great for my overall mentality. I could get all cranky and down in the dumps about not having anyone to hang out with, but it’s a really pretty day today, so I don’t want to waste it inside. Plus there’s a documentary about Christian Dior playing at a local theater that I want to see really badly. I think I’m going to put on a cute dress and some sunglasses and go wander around/window shop for awhile and then go see the movie. I’m kinda broke but I think I can spare $10 for a ticket and a glass of wine after (yay student discount).