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I need to know if this happens to anyone else.

I’ve had a few hangovers recently that are super weird. I don’t get hungover that often anymore, but my tolerance has diminished so I guess my body is adjusting. And I sometimes forget to eat enough—anyhoo....I don’t have awful headaches but I get really nauseated and my hands freeze/clench. This has happened to me during a panic attack in the past. This morning while driving my hands clenched up so tightly that I couldn’t move them off the steering wheel. I had to pull over and it took me a full five minutes to get them off the wheel and a lot more time to loosen them up. It’s like there’s a force that makes my hands want to implode on themselves. In the past it usually resulted in “crab claws,” my wrists would bend inward and my fingers would stick straight out.

Is this just a reaction to stress on the body, or do I have some weird disease?


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