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Hangry is a real thing (aka complaining about a boy). ETA.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, I didn’t get to eat lunch.

I had a small ham-and-cheese crescent roll and a couple bites of yogurt-and-granola for breakfast.

That’s all I’ve had to eat today. I’m hungry and exhausted, and this day hasn’t been the worst, but it’s also just long. And stupid.


So it’s really pissing me off that this guy who asked me out basically left it up to me to figure out what we were going to do. We made plans to meet today. But 5 p.m. came and went, and he still hadn’t let me know where we were meeting. Nothing. Not a peep. But we texted last night and he made mention of hanging out today so...what?

So I texted him and casually asked him where he wanted to meet and he was like “Well, what about your place?”

*record scratch*


My internal monologue in that moment: Wait, so let me get this straight, you asked me to get coffee...but now you want me to host you? After work? In my home? I’ve known you barely a week, dude. Yeah, right.

And what the hell is he expecting? Is this a “do you want to come up for coffee” euphemism that my naive, not-dated-much self doesn’t know? Does “coffee” now mean “sex”?


Anyway, I suggested a place nearby that’s not mine (because NO). I think he’s trying to joke with me in response, but it’s falling flat. I’m hangry as fuck, and I’m annoyed that I was then forced to make the actual plans.

So this makes me wonder: is this even a date? This can’t be, right?

Also wondering: am I wrong for expecting him, the initiator, to come up with the plans? The where/when of things? It’s one of my pet peeves when the initiator leaves it up to the other person to figure out all the logistics.



ETA: I got to the place and IT WAS CLOSED. I screamed “oh fuck me, are you motherfucking serious?” Then I burst into angry, frustrated tears. There was a very bewildered Norwegian tourist who must not have known it would be closed who witnessed my outburst. He patted me gingerly on the shoulder and told me it was going to be okay. haha


After that, I was like “fuck this, I’m not suggesting any other place and if I tell him this is closed, he’s going to suggest going to my place. Or his. And just, no.” So I cancelled. (We are meeting again, but that’s just because he borrowed some of my favorite comic books, and I’m getting them back, dammit!)

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