When your worst coworker was fire-resigned because your bosses finally realized all the things you were saying for two years were fucking TRUE.

I hate being so happy in someone else's misery but this bitch was the worst. She never EVER did what she was supposed to, never showed up to meetings - sometimes showed up hours late. She'd lie and throw me under the bus whenever confronted, but my bosses never got mad at ME for these things she said I did, so I know they didn't believe her. WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG?!

She was "sick" whenever there was something she was supposed to show up to, never read emails - to the point that I copied the goddamn CEO of the company on every email to her to prove that I was, indeed, emailing her the things I was supposed to. She committed to holding events (she was a marketer) and never showed up to them, resulting in me getting panicked calls on the weekend asking me to attend to represent us.

She started "telecommuting" to be home with her kids - which my awesome company was cool with. Except "telecommuting" meant not working at all.

She was always out of the loop from never reading emails, and would reprimand us (she was NOT my superior) for not telling her about something, like if I was going to be out one day. When she never showed up to anything anyway.


One time, I watched her hold a conference call and a Skype meeting at one time. She spoke to both meetings at once. 30-Rock style, when Alec Baldwin speaks to Liz Lemon while he is on a call, using words that only apply in both conversations. This is because she, as usual, over-committed herself. She was an hour late for both meetings, wanted to use my office for it (she worked on the road so she kind of bounced around), but then had a fit that I was not magically there when she wanted me to be, although I was never told to be and it was before my business hours anyway.

She would commit to doing something, not do it, get called out on it, and then tell our bosses that she had delegated it to me. Funny, how, whenever the boss-ladies delegate something to me, I fucking do it - I do it on time (or let them know if I can't), and I do it right.

She never bothered to get her facts straight about our classes we offer, and constantly spread false information - including in PAID ADS - making us look like assholes. When we would say, "hey, [bitch], this is the actual service we offer," she'd have a temper tantrum and say, "since when?! I never approved that!" when it had been this way since before she worked here.



Clearly, she has some time-management issues and I feel bad for her because of that, but how long do you, as an employer, let this go on? I'm positive she lost us money, and not to mention she blamed the rest of us for her problems and fucking LIES.

I would like to open the floor to co-worker bitching.