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Happiness microaggressions - a rant

So I just watched a woman on YT unboxing the iPhone XS Max. I still want it, but I’m holding myself back. I will continue to watch stuff about it. I do the same for designer purses that I’ll never buy in a million years.

Anyway, the comments on that video were ATE UP with dudes calling her a “blonde bimbo” and making comments like “this is apple’s audience - stupid females.” And of course plenty of guys saying “she’s dumb but I still would.” Natch.

And this is in response to a woman who is obviously very happy about her new phone. Also they were all calling her stupid for buying something so expensive. Meanwhile she’s wearing like 5k worth of jewelry on her fingers, not that any of them would recognize a Tiffany ring. Highly doubt money is a problem for her.


But let me just compare this to something else I noticed today... The PS1 Classic was announced. Sony is basically ripping off a trend that Nintendo started with NES and SNES Classics. These items are essentially little hard drives with a collection of games loaded on to them, inside a cute plastic container that looks like the original system. So a Super Nintendo that can fit in the palm of your hand (yes, I have one. I regret nothing). PS1 Classic was just announced. It’s only 20 games (which I understand I guess cause PS1 games would take up a lot more space than NES ones). It’s up for pre-order. It’s $100. They haven’t announced what the 20 games are (only shown a couple), and it doesn’t even come with an AC adapter. For $100. Not even an adapter.

Personally, I’ll wait to see what games are on it. But the same dudebros who call women “dumb” for liking stuff ALSO fall for capitalist crap ALL THE TIME. And I saw so many of them either saying they were pre-ordering the PS1 classic (before the games are even announced!?) or drooling over it. It’s a complete novelty and cash grab, and yet I heard no complaints. Certainly no one getting called “stupid” for wanting it. For that matter, didn’t hear any complaints when the NES and SNES classic came out. EA? Yeah, the dudebros claim to hate them but they still buy their shit. Steam sale? More than once I’ve heard dudes lament that they have “so many games they haven’t even played yet,” but they’re still going to get sucked into the sale.

I’m just so fucking tired of men nitpicking everything women do or like, especially when they’re such fucking hypocrites about it. I’m also over the borderline obsessive hatred of Apple. Cause it’s never from a truly anti-capitalist place. I rage plenty about their factories or how they’re clearly making their products as expensive as possible to try and see how far they can push their customer base. But the hatred is never really about Apple. The hatred is for the people who own Apple products. So it’s just another weird culture war pitting poor/middle class people against each other.

Getting away from gender, there’s always an annoying loud group of people who hate on something because other people like it. And I think it’s more about taking away someone’s happiness rather than true hatred of the thing. For instance the movie Black Panther - I saw idiots claiming that movie was “terrible”...even before it came out. They just hate a certain group so much that they wanna shit on everything they like or may like. And it’s always in this small, petty, nitpick-y way.

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