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Happiness of the day proving I am the badass of the Romantic Period!

So I had to do hella research on The Romantic Period for a professor, and she said I did a great job! So proud.

I like the Romantics because some of the best artistic stuff came out of the period. Pattern I learned about the previous and next movements: Enlightenment-Romantic-Nationalism. Pretty cool to see the evolution of time. First came the hardcore thinkers who were all "Science!", then came the floaty figures who were all "Feelings!", then came the Nationalists who were all "Yo, my country is better than yours!" (eventually hella revolutions, then basically WWI, if I remember correctly). I only had to focus on the Romantics, but it was an educational experience. I learned so much.

But the best part (I had to add him myself because the stupid book left him out): Lord freaking Byron. Yeah, he sorta banged his half sister, but still: brought a bear to Cambridge, fought with the Greeks (and died), and wrote some pretty great poems like Don Juan which was pretty amazing. Also felt like a complete dumbass compared to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Little Miss Shel wrote Frankenstein at age 19 which made me feel like I've done nothing in my life! Girl, why you gotta be better than me? And have Mel Brooks parody your work?


But the professor LOVED my work! Yessss! Win for me. I am the badass of research. But would I be a Romantic? Probably not, because I'd rather run around with the Sans-Culottes and my main crazy man Robespierre. But I'd totally hang out with Lord Byron.

Que The more you knowwww!


And here is Lord Byron. Judge for yourself.

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