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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy America Day, Americans!

I hope that no matter where you are in your pretty-ok Land that you're having an amazing BBQ with lots of beverages of your choice. Also, I hope that you're in one of the places in your country where you have choices beyond what beverage to have with your grilled meat or vegetables. Choices like what to do with your own body or who to marry. If you live in one of the other places, I hope you choose to kick the people responsible for denying you that choice in the body part of your choosing(and when it comes to body-part kicking choosy choosers choose the chest!).

Also, I sort of hope you choose a new national anthem. Your one as it stands is hard to sing and all about war. Now, it can be a beautiful song if sung by, oh, let's say Marvin Gaye:

But I might choose God Bless America as sung by the ever fabulous Kate Smith:

Oh who am I kidding, you'd choose:

Anyways, I demand anthem suggestions!


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