So I'm back from my trip and Iroh* and I are officially in a forreal relationship (facebook/fetlife official and everything!), but I still have no job and my bank account is scarily low. I applied to lower my student income payments so that should definitely help, but I'm still worried about keeping my apartment and being able to make ends meet. I love my apartment. It's been so great for my mental health having a place that's clean and bright and safe, and my roommate's dog is a Godsend because of how long I'm at home with only her for company.

My therapist and I are on an on-call basis because I'm pretty sure I don't need him anymore, but right now I'm feeling really depressed and anxious and would like to see him...but I don't have the money for that right now.

Fuck. I spent more on that trip than I had planned.

On the bright side I was offered a hostess job today, and even though it doesn't pay quite enough to make ends meet it's still something. I'm gonna keep looking to see if I can find a better one or at least supplement it, but I'm anxious I won't be able to keep myself above water. I'm not pulling nearly enough acting gigs to cover the gaps in my income, and I'm still trying to establish a writing career.

Send me good vibes, GT. I have an interview Tuesday that I hope I do well on!!

Also if you know of any place that's hiring in Manhattan or the South Bronx with flexible schedules and adequate pay (which probably means food service), please please let me know.


p.s. Iroh made me a really nice dinner and tried to cheer me up because he saw I was sad and despondent. He's matured a lot since when he was (S)exGod, but he's still very sweet and patient with my mental health stuff.

*Yes, I'm a die-hard Korrasami shipper, but since I'm in a relationship with a dude who's hot, my Dom, and probs a firebender he's my General.