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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am a die-hard Buffy fan, always have been. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the show. Watching it made my teenage years tolerable, I always had something to look forward to. I think it was the first “cult television show” I ever watched. I didn’t even know that’s what it was until I saw a TV guide at the video store that said so.

Feel free to share your favorite Buffy memories, moments and lessons :) I would love to nerd out! Here are mine:

-You can be both girly and kickass. You can be nerdy and cool. There is no either/or.


-College isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

-Wear whatever you want, you can still slay.

-Sometimes, love doesn’t work out. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t real or you still don’t feel love. Sometimes two people just can’t be together.


-One woman can save the world. A lot. And women who slay...they can be anyone.

-Your friends can become your family.

-You have to go on living.

Buffy really broke open a lot of what you can/can’t do on TV. They had the first primetime girl on girl kiss (and it was genuinely normal, not all sexualized). They had the first musical episode ever, paving the way for shows like Glee and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. They did the first ever show without dialogue. They brought on characters seamlessly, and the fans rolled with the story lines. They KILLED the main character (TWICE) and it still got renewed.


It’s not without its problems in a contemporary context. It doesn’t have the diversity it should. Like SITC, a lot of Buffy’s personal problems came from being lonely and manless. But I think it has aged well overall. I’d still recommend it to future generations of tweens and teens.


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