Today February 27, 1996 was when the first Pokemon video games launched in Japan.

The Western world then saw Red and Blue then Yellow.

Yellow was the first Pokemon game I bought. I tried watching the original cartoon and hated it. Loved Yellow.

Through the years I played all generations. My favs are Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Black/White 2 and Pokemon Emerald.

My favorite Pokemon are Graveler and its evolution.Magnitude is my all time favorite move sadly it fails on flying.


My favorite that I only used in Black 2 was Swanna. It was a real powerful water and flying Pokemon.


Another go to Pokemon is Machamp although weaker then before.

Of course we have Pokemon X and Y. I have X and graphics are beautiful. A bit too easy though.


Now we have coming for the Holiday season Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun. Also do not forget for $9.99 each yesterday they put on the 3ds system the original Red, Blue and Yellow.

What was your favorite Pokemon game and your go to Pokemon.