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thank you Starbucks for the free drink!

Heading to work... I do four hours of transit for three hours of work. But I love my job, teaching art to little kids. They are the best.

Bought myself mittens. They are way too red for wearing with my red jacket but for $1.00 who can go wrong.


My husband bought me 1989 (no shame!) and the contest to meet T Swift is over and I am so bummed. I hope I run into her whilst jogging at the park. I should start jogging in New York, right? Lemme get my private jet.

Does anyone do app design for $25 / screen? I took on a project, feel like I suck, and want to hand it to someone else for the same rate. Then I could exit gracefully. I've already sunk a lot of time into it and - sigh. I don't want to get into it too much, email me at Katanaleigh at the Gee Male if you're interested.

Thanks for listening, you are awesome!

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