Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy book recommendations

Books that make you laugh or feel great.

Out if the blue the last few weeks, I've had problems with mega anxiety attacks (some of you may have seen my previous post on this one; I'd link but my phone is being a dick). Like panic attacks that landed me in the ER and now I have a big bottle of Xanax on my person at all times.


I had to leave work early today because, despite 3 Xanax and some pain medication (hydrocodone) for my back, I was still on the verge of freaking out. I decided to cut my losses and leave early to avoid a meltdown.

So, after a nice nap, I'm looking for something good to read. I've been working through a dense crime procedural but I just really need a break from it. Maybe something laugh out loud funny or just really feel good. Any suggestions? I have a Kindle and will pay up to $5, give or take, and I love supporting newbie and independent authors. I just need something to distract the strung-out meth hamster that is my brain right now.

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