Gather ‘round the campfire and fix yourself a drink & a s’more! I want your camping stories and advice.

Mr. 4th and me bought a used camper last night ( oh my gawd, our first big purchase except he paid for it.) I like to tent camp and he likes to trailer camp so we met in the middle and got a pop~up camper; tent on top and trailer on the bottom. This is it.

I have to say it’s pretty cool inside. 3 burner stove! Indoor and outdoor shower! A little fridge for my wine! I’ve ever only tent camped over a weekend, but I think we’ll go for longer with this thing.


What do you know about camper camping?

1) Any favorite place recommendations with lots of nature?

2) Tips or shortcuts in provisions and meal planning?

3) Any recommendations for teaching myself to reupholster the dinette cushions? They are in great shape, but super ugly.


4) Bears?

5) Stories, good & bad?


6) Rainy day indoor games (beside the obvious, duh.)?