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Happy chocolate and bunnies day!

I grew up in a casually roman-catholic environment. As a kid I went to a catholic school, prayed, went through all the steps to become a good catholic. But my hometown, although overwhelmingly catholic, barely anyone is hardcore believer.

My easter tradition was eating breakfast with my parents and brother, after which my mom went to church and we spent the days like every other weekend. With one exception: Jesus Christ Superstar. I have watched the original version at least once every year that I remember, somewhere around easter. It hasn’t happened yet, but I know it will. It’s inevitable.


Apparently my family has decided that this year is the year for a new tradition: easter brunch with the whole family! I dont like obligation. But I do like my family and also food. It was a no-brainer. (Boobieguy isnt joining yet because we felt it too soon, they havent even heard about him yet!)

So what are you doing this fine sunday? :)

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