Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy Dance a new Bones is on tonight, Believe not sure?

Well a new Bones is on tonight I looove this show. I love how its a true crimedy. I like how they show stays on the light side and not overly serious.

Believe, I am so sick of watching NBC shows on OnDemand and the promo is shown like every commercial break. That girl screaming is ear piercing. I may watch it tomorrow on OnDemand prior to Rizzoli and Isles at 9pm on TNT. Another good mystery thats almost a crimedy.


Crimedy is a crime drama with comedic elements. Bones is the definition of it, Hawaii 50 (except first season and part of second) has become one. Jack Webb must be spinning in his grave. Webb is kinda the father of modern crime shows well procedurals in particular.

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