So you know that goat I took a picture of?

I'm sorry to say, but he smells delicious, and I've already had some of his liver.

Yes, it's Tabaski here in Dakar. Families are coming together, and everyone is preparing for the big meal.Tabaski, from what I am seeing, is part Thanksgiving( food-based holiday), part 4th of July (major grilling), and part Christmas/ New Year (end-of-year holiday). Here is a member of my host family looking over the sheep as it grills.

Earlier today, I helped as much as I could with my limited skills. I plucked any extra hair from the meat, I peeled potatoes, and by the time I started cutting the potatoes, I was doing it wrong so I was shooed away.I've never been so close to the animals that I eat. In a way, it gives me more piece of mind in what I eat.I am really looking forward to getting to the meat of the event(har har) and seeing everyone's hard work culminate in a grand feast.

Joyeux Aïd, everyone!