Well, no owner has yet to turn up, which leads me to think he was probably dumped. Tonight, he's spending his first night at a new potential home, yay!

I had a call very early yesterday from a city police officer who wanted to kennel him and hopefully adopt him. Over the last couple days, we talked quite a bit and I felt comfortable enough with him that today they had they had their first meeting and went home with them!

His new family includes police officer dad, a mom, a 2-year old human brother and a 3-year-old female German Shepherd sister. I also met his dog-lover grandma with her own active dogs, an acre of fenced-in yard, and plenty of resources to make sure he's going to be well taken care of.

His new dad wants to eventually be part of the force's K9 team and is going to work with my stray to see if he can get him trained as part of the program, probably doing scent work! The tradition in his family is to name dogs after alcoholic beverages (Kahlua, Stoli, etc) and while we both liked the name Guiness, he thinks his Games of Thrones-fan wife will overrule him and name him Drogo.


At my insistence, right now he's just being fostered, as I want to give an owner another week to come forward. Just to make sure. I started him on his vaccines, and Mr. Police Man promises that he will be neutered soon, microchipped (with my name & info on the chip also), on monthly heartworm meds, always live indoors and have a fenced yard, and that if anything ever happens that they can't keep him that I will be given the dog back.

So I feel pretty good about where he is right now. I've had SO MANY offers of adoption it's crazy. Two GSD Rescue groups are ready to take him if needed. So this little guy will always be taken care of no matter what. I will check up on him periodically, too, and it's not like this guy can disappear on me, he's a city police officer.


(Can I say though, and here I admit to a bit of snobbery, one of the main reasons I really liked this potential owner was because he is so articulate? His emails and texts were always well-written and used proper grammar and spelling and no emoticons. I know it's silly, but I can't help it. I judge you on your grammar.)