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This was recorded by Yvonne Elliman in 1973 who I am sure all know at least from the movie Jesus Christ Superstar. Here is a song called Happy Endings. This is Jim Steinman’s first recorded commercial song. Its a nice song and totally lacking the drama that sustains his latter works. Oddly I youtubed this song and only Elliman has sung this song. I wish there was a video of her on stage performing it instead of a video of just photos of her and the album.

I wikied Jim Steinman and this song was listed as hus first commercial song and it was unclickable which got me very curious. So I youtubed it.


I am shocked it has not been recorded since. Its not Steinman great but there have been worse songs that have been covered. Cover this and by the right singer like Taylor Swift and you could have a huge hit.

I know three music posts in a row you must be thinking “knock it off”.

What are your thoughts of this song. I never heard this song before has anyone? I like it. His latter works are far better but this song shows he does not need to do heavy dramatic songs.

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