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So sorry for posting again, I don't want to annoy people and I know posting twice in one day is a reason for annoyance, so feel free to pass this by! But I wanted to thank everyone who suggested different wedding websites to me, namely A Practical Wedding and OffBeat Bride. They are both awesome sites and I'm finding them much more in tune with my personality than The Knot.

If any other GTers have suggestions, I would love them. Especially you Aussie and Kiwi Gters- since Mr Caterpillar and I will be getting married in the Land Down Undah, I'd love suggestions from there, too.

Shout out to Snacktastic for facilitating the discussion.

And can I just say? So much love from y'all today. I am so lucky. You guys are the best friends a fat caterpillar could ask for.


(You guys are the sun in this picture.)

Also, is it wrong that I want this to be my wedding cake?

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