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Happy Friday!

You guys, this has been A. WEEK. I cannot express how happy I am to have it finally be over. Here’s my week in a (very big) nutshell:

Monday - Holiday, spent it cleaning, doing all the laundry I can, and grocery shopping. Overall not unusual, but I put it off long enough.

Tuesday - Court hearing, which meant driving around downtown and finding parking. I hate finding parking, it’s part of why I live in the suburbs. The actual hearing took 1/10th of the time it took for me to find parking.


Full busy day at work, and a super needy employee who doesn’t understand the concept of email so she IMs me to ask me to do menial things for her like call the helpdesk. She becomes a pain in my ass all week.

Wednesday - We are SWAMPED and the managers send out an email offering 8 hours worth of OT per person this week, which I have elected not to do because I had so many out of office appointments this week, and I’d have to make up for it before I earn OT. Meanwhile, I have to split my time between my regular duties and getting the temps all set up with basic stuff.

Then Wells Fargo emails me. “Oops, we can’t close your account because there’s a $25 overdraft!” It’s a mystery charge from my apartment’s management company, and I am livid and call them to complain and they need to look into it.

I come home from my long day to a notice saying they’re installing new windows tomorrow (yay!), but I have to move all of my furniture out of the way (boo!). I spend the first hour at home taking down curtains, moving tables and benches, and taking down my pole.


Thursday - Still getting IMs from the needy employee who is now asking for things from both myself and IT, but not making it clear what she wants. Sometimes I hate telecommuters. Oh, and then this fuckery.

Apparently in my haste to get out of the car that morning my door didn’t latch all the way which left the dome light on, so I have a dead car. I end up waiting 2 hours for a battery jump, and the guy got supremely lost because my office is in the middle of a labyrinth. But he was super nice about it, so I am extremely grateful.


I come home to brand new windows and sawdust all over my furniture for no reason. They moved my dresser but didn’t bother to move it back. So I had to empty it out in order to move it, instead of leaving it hovering in the middle of my room.

Friday - I wake up and check my bank accounts. Now the fucking bank account I’ve been trying to close has a $35 electronic overdraft fee on top of the $25 charge! WTF! I leave a nasty email for building management and call the bank to dispute the charge because they aren’t working fast enough and I refuse to pay for it. Building management emails me and says it’s because I had a returned check last month, because I tried to pay in advance, but it ended up pulling out of the wrong bank account (the one I have been trying to close). But not only did building management and the bank charge me (which I knew was standard practice and I’ll put up with even if I hate it), but the building management’s parent company charged me as well. Mind you this was not a late check, this was an early check. And I still paid my rent on time even with the fuck up. I was fine with paying the office management fees and the bank fees, even though I wasn’t happy about it, but the building management parent company fees and overdraft? Fuck you. Fuck you so hard. So messing up while for trying to pay my rent early (and still paying on time) I’m looking at a total of $125 in fees.


The window installers left the platforms outside of my window, which makes me really paranoid. See, my apartment is on the 3rd floor and faces a street and a large parking lot across the street. One of the luxuries of having a top floor apartment facing nothing is that I have grown accustomed to walking around in various states of undress, while still enjoying how sunny my apartment is. With the platform at my window, I don’t get that comfort. I have no idea when they’ll be taking it down or moving it, so now I have to put on pants before opening the blinds. Or just live in the dark. They’re also replacing the roof, so I wake up to banging and yelling this morning.

On to my doctor’s appointment, it’s a follow-up with my sleep doctor! She’s awesome and I love her. Things are going great on the Adderall, but she hates that I’m paying so much for my prescription (my insurance only accepts name brand and not generic, which is like $80 a month), so she is going to have me try out Ritalin and see if that helps as well. She is also jumping out of her seat thrilled that I’ve lost 36lbs (!!!) in the 3 months, I’m not as visibly thrilled but I’m pretty happy about it. Thanks, Adderall and yoga!


Another busy day at work. Finally get things figured out for that needy IM employee, and I volunteered to go in for 4 hours this weekend. Thank goodness overtime is on a weekly basis, because going in on Sunday means I actually get OT.

Tomorrow I sit for the first of a series of long tattoo sessions! Right now, Pizza Rolls.


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