So, yesterday was not fun. I got a call from the school nurse on Wednesday to let me know that Nanobyte had fallen off the monkey bars and hit his head. He was doing just fine all day Wednesday, but threw up all over his bed at 1 o'clock yesterday morning. So I cleaned him up, put him in my bed, and settled in for a night of cuddling with a wiggly child.

He was much less wiggly than usual, and I got a little bit of actual sleep, until I was awakened to the sound of child starting to vomit at about 6 am. Woke him up, shoved him into the bathroom, and discovered that he had already thrown up at some point earlier in his sleep. Yay. Another round of clean-up, this one complicated by getting the Nanobot up and ready for school, which is always a chore.

We got Bot on the bus, which left me to be able to concentrate on Byte and get him off to the doctor. One neurological exam later and, yes, the child has a concussion. Joy. He spent most of yesterday sleeping, but is feeling loads better this morning.

Dealing with a sick kid is never fun, but dealing with a sick kid who isn't allowed to watch tv or read or draw or do pretty much anything is really frustrating.

Wish me luck! Any of you who have had to deal with a child who is sick, and so can't go to school and is supposed to be resting, but who feels pretty good, will feel my pain.