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Happy Friday from irresponsible pet owners

tl;dr I think the neighbor’s dog is okay

So I get home from the gym like an hour ago. Getting out of my car, I hear snarls and yipes and I stand there thinking “just fucking pull your dogs back” since I have neighbors who mistakenly think their dog is just super friendly with any dog (and then the situation proves unfriendly). And then I hear sounds of scuffling, increased dog noises, and people screaming. At which point I take off at a run towards this thinking a kid is getting mauled since there were kids playing basketball nearby.


Well, the kids (like ages 12-18) playing basketball nearby all came running over from the other direction as I did. We did not see what happened because by the time we got there they had separated the dogs.

Turns out a neighbor near my end of the subdivision was walking his little old Chihuahua when another neighbor with his 10 yr old son was walking 2 lab-sized mix breed dogs. The son accidentally dropped the leash when the dog he was walking lunged towards the Chihuahua. Apparently this dog was friendly, but it scared the old Chihuahua who scurried back. Meanwhile, the dad was trying to pick up the leash and the second dog attacked the Chihuahua (they have those extending leashes and the dude wasn’t paying attention to the dog). Like had him in his mouth and was shaking him. The owners got the dogs apart, but my neighbor with the Chihuahua was naturally very upset.


No skin was broken, and the little guy didn’t lose consciousness. But this was escalating because the Chihuahua’s owner was arguing that the boy shouldn’t be walking the dog because he can’t control the dog. This is a valid point. I wasn’t allowed to walk our 100 lb dog as a kid until he was very old and lunging/running was out of the picture. Meanwhile, the father was trying to say it was the Chihuahua’s fault for startling his dogs. I didn’t see the event, but that is a flimsy argument, since, well, his kid dropped the leash.

Anyways, me and the older kids playing basketball calmed them down. And then the dude took his son and 2 dogs home and came back to talk to the other guy. They exchanged addresses. I think the dude with the Chihuahua is going to file a complaint with the complex against the other guy.


The Chihuahua is limping very badly on his hind leg, but is able to put weight on it. Naturally he is scared as hell and shaking. I talked with the owner and asked if he was going to take him to a vet. He said he couldn’t because all the vets are closed right now. I gave him the contact info for the nearby emergency vet because they are open 24/7 in case the little guy gets worse.

And on that note, it’s time for night cheese.

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