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Happy Friday! Job/career/workplace post

I’m currently running out the clock to send an already-written email to a “client” who seems to think I don’t sleep or that our office is 24/7. Even though I actually work shifted hours (8-4), I don’t like communications outside of the 9-5 time period (except with trusted people) because I don’t want them to get the wrong idea. This person will seriously leave me voicemails like, THROUGHOUT the night and morning and emails all titled “urgent” (they’re not). I also found out this morning the “urgent” email I woke up to (not urgent) was actually something she emailed my coworker and he had to be a little real with her about what she wanted, so she was like, “Oh I’ll ask mom!” and that’s why she’s bugging me.

Anyway, vent, ask for advice, gloat about your awesome life, whatever!


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