I’m not actually that pissed off I’m still working. It’s like the onslaught of emails stopped because it’s 5:30 and now I feel like taking a moment to be on GT.

My work rant: a lot of people at work don’t seem to get paid enough for the insane hours they work. We are already logging our time because of the new rules about salaried people (#thanksObama) but I’m wondering when/if anything is going to change with those guys. Personally, I am lucky - I feel happy with my compensation and I am the head of my department, which has 1.5 people (me and a part-timer) and I set the deadlines. So I am working late this Friday because I over-promised. No one really pays attention to me, it’s great.

But the department I work adjacent to - like coordinate with the most - are just run ragged. And at my company, you can get extra money on top of your salary by choosing to travel to our different locations. But since it’s extra, they are still expected to somehow do their day job WHILE traveling and doing an entirely different job at the same time. Every 6 months there is this big drama where the bosses are like, “IF YOU ARE OVERWORKED BECAUSE OF TRAVELING PLEASE OPT OUT” and no one will opt out, but they are overworked.

Obviously the issue is that they aren’t getting paid enough to turn down these trips, so they are trying to do two jobs at once, failing, and losing their minds. My closest friend of this department takes vacation days to do laundry and cook food.

The other thing about this is that this department of people kind of touches every aspect of what we are doing - so like, they have to send a rep or two to every single meeting about every single thing. They are also the default “someone called and I don’t know who can help them” people. This week, they were in meetings ALL DAY EVERYDAY. My buddy says she gets about 75 emails per hour. Even if they’re not all relevant, you still have to look at them, see if you need to do anything, and clear it out of your inbox - still time, still stress.


I just cannot understand why these overworked people are not getting paid enough, and why they don’t DOUBLE the size of this department.


Edit 1: Hate when someone only communicates with me when they want something and doesn’t even thank you or confirm they received an email or whatever.