Tonight’s full moon marks the first time in almost a decade that the harvest moon has fallen in October. This moon is all about taking stock of the bounty with which you are blessed, and letting go of the things which are not yours to keep. These things that are not truly ours bog us down, leave us drained, and keep us from appreciating that which surrounds us.

Tonight I said goodbye to the house that I’ve been tied up withfor over a year. There have been times where we were so close to closing that it seemed inevitable it would be mine, and losing that has been an incredibly bitter pill to swallow. The house itself is lovely, if a little small. The property is serviceable, if not quite what I had been searching for. It was the history I fell in love with, and the history that made me look past all of the imperfections. It was built in the late 1800s by a man who was, at the time, the county commissioner. He was also a Mayflower descendant, a civil war veteran who lost both arms in battle, and a devoted family man. After returning from the war, he took in and raised his orphaned nephew. Part of the upstairs of the house was a hasty turn ofthecentury room addition to make room for his recently widowed daughter and her children. When she later remarried, her son from her first marriage remained in the care of his grandparents until his own marriage. There are numerous accounts in the county records about the kind of man he was, his perfect penmanship gripping a pen between his teeth, and the particular care he took of his property, prominent on the town square. I so wanted to be the steward of the history of that house, and not being able to has left me full of regret for too many months.

So tonight, under the silver white glow of this moon, I say goodbye. Goodbye, Pace. I’m sorry your house couldn’t be my house. It simply wasn’t in the cards, and I’ve given too much of myself trying to make it happen.

What things are you letting go, my dear denizens of GT? It’s the season for reaping before we can plant anew, and a good time for self reflection.

As always, happy hauntings on this beautiful full moon.