This is just a service post to let everyone know that I'm going to be live tweeting House of Cards all day today, so if you happen to follow me on twitter and you don't want spoilers, UNFOLLOW ME IMMEDIATELY until at least tomorrow. I loved live tweeting OITNB when that premiered back in July(?) because the cast and the official Netflix account was tweeting along, so I'm doing it again. But since this is Netflix and not live tv, I've been warning people since last night to unfollow to avoid spoilers.

Conversely, if you are weird like me and love spoilers, or if you're also funemployed and will be watching too, tweet at me! This season is going to be INSANE!

ETA: Because the good folk at Netflix clearly know their stuff instead of unfollowing, you can use the Spoiler Foiler to check your timeline and avoid spoilers! So cool. I basically just blocks tweets with certain keywords like House of Cards, Netflix, tv, etc. It seems a little broad, but all in service of avoiding spoilers.