Today is International Waffle Day. It's time to talk about waffles! Tell me why you love 'em, like 'em, or loathe 'em. Do you eat them for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner? What do you put in them, on them, beside them? Waffles are different in different parts of the world...tell me about your waffles and what they mean to you!

I grew up in the eastern part of the United States with a grandfather who cooked our Sunday breakfast in an old silvery iron that baked thin, square waffles. He'd mix up a Bisquick batter, add bits of cheddar cheese. Sometimes the cheese would ooze to the corners; I'd sit and wait for the smell of those crispy edges. I gobbled those waffles hot, hand held, without syrup. These are still my Ideal Waffle. They taste like home.

I also loved waffles at diners: fluffy Belgians smothered in strawberries and melty whipped cream. The best places served them with an ice cream sundae atop. Summers brought trips to the boardwalk; I could buy ice cream sandwiched between two cold waffles.

As I grew up and traveled, I discovered the delight of Waffle House's pecan waffles, waffles and fried chicken, sweet Liège waffles. The most delicious BLT I've known used two cornmeal waffles in lieu of bread.


When I dig out my iron, I like to add bacon and cheese to my waffles. I freeze a batch and reheat them in a toaster. At Thanksgiving, I put some stuffing mix aside to bake in the waffle iron. A stuffing waffle covered in gravy makes for a glorious breakfast.

Tell me your waffle stories.