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Happy Mabon !

It’s been a moment since I celebrated the autumn equinox. But it’s a Friday, which makes it easier, and there’s a turning and re-balancing in my life that feels correct for this holiday. (I know some people celebrate on the 22nd, I’ve always celebrated on the 21st for both equinoxes, because then my birthday falls on the Spring one, so there.)

Are any of you observing the day? Doing anything witchy or especially autumnal? Getting excited for Official Halloween Time?? While I have to work an event tonight, it’ll be a fun one, and afterwards we’re all going to explore an outdoor market - I’m pretty sure there’ll be vendors selling mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Moon Festival. I’m not Chinese, but I love me some mooncakes and plan on stocking up as much as possible. (A couple years ago I was in Hong Kong as mooncake season was heating up....warm, fresh out of the oven, giant mooncakes in the traditional fishing village counts as one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.)

Anyways, autumn! Is here! I’m finding a rhythm with the new school year, although I’m way busier than I expected. I have a part time job doing actual things related to feminist art and working with the public, I’m TA-ing, I’m applying for PhDs (although the list of schools is...intimidating). I’m excited for my research.


I’m in love. I’m so, so so so in love. I’ve never felt so completely myself with another person before, or as safe, or as seen, or as respected. It’s beautiful and we both feel similarly bowled over. Somehow discussions of the future seem both natural and exciting - although we’re trying to be careful to not get ahead of ourselves and both want to revel in this lovely newness while we’re here. Ah. It’s so exciting. We’ve booked a cabin for Canadian Thanksgiving, I can’t wait.

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