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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy Monday! (Not an OT)

Someone else start an OT, I just wanted to share this.

When I awoke this morning I had a text from the NY State Dept. of Labor. I am unemployed. I am a freelancer but over the course of the last five quarters I had a little W-2 income so I get a small weekly payment. I won’t tell you how much but it’s the equivalent of 1/8 of what I was bringing in total every week a year ago. While I continue my fruitless search for gainful income the Forager-in-Chief Charitable Aid Society has done a superb job providing critical support to this apartment’s neediest.


Anyway, the text was kind of funny. It was much more soberly worded but in essence it said, “Ignore the nonsense coming out of Trump’s puckered piehole. You’re not getting an extra $400 a week but stay tuned. In the meantime keep certifying for your benefits weekly.”

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