Woo! I got posting privileges, not a bad way to start a Monday morning.

Since I'm still working on my first cup of coffee and don't have anything witty or profound to say, I'll start with a bit of introduction.

I'm 31, married to a man who's never home (and I'm totally ok with that). I'm a scientist by training, so yes, I do PubMed, it's part of my job. I have 2 doggies, and while I think cats are cute in pictures, in real life they kind of scare me, so I am firmly Team Dog. I was raised and still live in the south and I have no intention of leaving. I love college football and will arrange fall Saturdays around watching my team play. I'm on Twitter (GeorgiaBlythe83) although I'm still getting the hang of it. I will probably continue to read a lot more than I comment or post because I'm usually pretty sure someone else can say it better, but I'm glad to be here!