Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ugh, tripped on the sidewalk while walking to work on Sunday, foot broken. So random, just a freak accident. 6 weeks in walking cast, 3 months to heal. This comes just on the heels (oh look, a pun!) of finally cutting off all ties with an insanely abusive ex-turned friend-with-benefits. Nothing like the universe kicking me when I'm down (oh, another funny pun!). FML

I am filled with despair, and fearful of the future, all alone, stuck in every way, wondering how I'm going to keep my par-time job, worries about finances, worried about being alone forever. All the self-care things I wsa doing to get through the rough emotional turmoil (going out for a walk every day, getting myself to work every day, getting around people, going dancing, going to the theatre) have been taken away for now. And there is just sadness. I will miss dancing the most, as it is the single thing that has made me smile these past few weeks.


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