I’m about to leave for the night (still rocking my Golden Girls tee, uh huh!) and will be home well after the ball has dropped for GTers in the states, so I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in this community for being what makes this community.

I know the “fuck 2016!” memes have been non-stop. This year has been one of only middling highs and devastating lows for me personally, and I know the same can be said for many GTers. We lost childhood idols, performers and artists who were vital presences during our formative years. We gained a racist, misogynistic sentient yam in the White House. 2017 promises to be an uphill battle for women and minorities, and I’m tired already.

So thank you, GT. Thank you for being a beacon light on dark days. Thank you for being a place where a rag-tag group of squalorific misfits can feel connected and have their voices be heard. I value each and every one of you, and I couldn’t imagine not having this place. See you guys in 2017.