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Happy New Year's Eve Groupdrink!

You guise...y'all...IT'S ABOUT TO BE 2014!! I'm not going to make this a post about new year's resolutions or everything good or everything bad that's happened this year. I'm also not going to make a post for every time zone because seriously, y'all? YOU LIVE ALL OVER THE PLACE! It's mostly that...and some that I'm bad at math & time. So.... there will be at least 3 Groupdrink posts {FEATURING GAMES, YOUR OWN BOOZE AND/OR SMOKE & ALL YOUR GT FRIENDS}, but selfish or not (as does the tiny solar system following me 24/7)...MY Groupdrink posts revolve around me! Y'all can tag posts all over the place with Groupdrink or Groupsmoke!

Back to what I was saying about not saying things. What I'm not going to do is talk about the past year. It was a year. We can all agree on that. So, good or bad it got you to here. Right here. And while I can't tell you what kind of year you're about to have or what kind of day you're going to have... if you're having it here, with us all, I know there's a fuck-ton of people who care! And will get you through it! Or celebrate it! It doesn't matter! We will be here! So if today is going to be great, than great!! If it's going to be a long, tough day...guess what? We're going to be here... so tell someone that you need to talk... call your best GT buddy!!


I will see all of y'all back here tonight!!

RBE out!

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