Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What’s on your weekend vagenda?

Sorry, HoneyHeart, if I’m stepping on your toes here; mostly I just wanted an excuse to post this:


I plan on doing a lot of nothing today. This past week at work has been basically nonstop chaos, so I’m savoring the downtime while I can. Tomorrow is car errands and shopping with my mom and cooking stuff for the week, so today will be relaxing. Ooh, I can break out the new lounge chair I got and read in the backyard! OK now I’m excited for today :)

What about you all?

EDIT: the neighbors behind us are having an obnoxiously loud party in their backyard, complete with a giant tent and BLARING shitty pop music, so reading in the yard is now out. Good, now I’m glad it’s not sunny today. I hope it rains on your shit party, annoying neighbors.

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