What’s on your weekend vagenda this last weekend of August?

Last night, my bestie and I went out for Thai food (what better way to start a weekend?) then we hit Ulta where I dropped $40 on a microwavable neck wrap, a pillow mist, a sugar scrub, some moisturizing socks, and some under eye gel masks. Not too shabby for $40 (is what I will tell Homey when he sees my haul :D).

This morning is yoga, which is much needed. It’s nice and cool here and the garden needs tending so I’ll do some weeding throughout the day, as the sun cooperates. I was supposed to get lunch with a friend but she canceled so she could “spend time” with her “kids.” Sigh. ;) So it’s just me n Homey today, as far as I know. Hope he’s in the mood for weeding, too. Maybe we’ll go to a movie or have a fire tonight.

Tomorrow, the plan is to sleep in, do some reading for work (but I get to choose the books, so it’s a book I love), and do a little bit of paperwork. Homey’s working in the afternoon, though, so I’ll have some quiet time to get stuff done.

How about y’all? What are you up to?