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Happy Saturday, Groupthink!

Medium StepChip is sick and puking everywhere today. He is extraordinarily bad at making it to a bathroom or a trashcan. I have been cleaning up/disinfecting non-stop. My ideal Saturday!

And for reasons I don't understand, Mr. Chip and his mother (who is staying with us at the moment) aren't really encouraging the kid to rest and not eat every stupid thing he sets his eyes on. I've told them several times now to put on a movie, encourage the little one to rest, and focus more on getting him rehydrated than "getting food into his system." (Guys, is that a thing? Mr. Chip does this to me, too, when I'm sick. He tells me I should eat as soon as I stop throwing up. But I've always found that to be a tremendously bad idea.) For further reasons I don't understand, they also seem to refuse to encourage him to go to the bathroom when he starts complaining about a stomachache, or even give him a bucket/trashcan. So he keeps throwing up on our carpets instead of, y'know, tile. I get the distinct impression that they think pretending the StepChip isn't sick will prevent the child from feeling sick? Because I'm pretty sure he already knows he's sick, dudes.

So that's my day: Trying to teach Mr. Chip how to deal with this situation, while desperately hoping the other StepChips don't get sick as well (at least not until they're back at their mom's).

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