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Happy Saturday Morning! (and OT)

Good morning to everyone in the US! It’s been a productive Saturday here on the other side of the world, so I hope you’ll keep in my footsteps. Or not, because I’d also rather be napping right now.

I have started the decent to hell aka PCS. My orders have been issued, so now I can officially book my tickets and GTFO. Except, as I’m trying to take my logistical ideas from hypothetical to reality, I’m finding all kinds of issues. The same issues that I thought might happen when originally planning, but somehow forgot about. So now, I’m trying to figure out how to get my 3 floof balls from Uzbekistan to the US, then us go on a vacation, then get them with us, and finally depart for Argentina. Factor in Fly-American Act regulations, gov’t city pair regulations, more travel regulations, airline pet restrictions, heat restrictions and the fact that I don’t want to pay a million fuckin’ dollars out of pocket, and you have a recipe for this 7th circle I am finding myself in.


Also, the vet visit this morning to get rabies shots was a shit show. So much of a shit show, that I later taught my driver the meaning of ‘shit show’ because I felt he needed to really feel the essence of how the previous hour had went. The Dr that we spoke with that knows what we need and how to note everything wasn’t at the clinic. He was supposed to tell the Dr there what to do. He did not. Instead, we’re having our translator explain that we need the ‘good’ rabies shot for our 3 animals and that the local ones won’t work... and that we need pet passports. There was lots of talking and questions and so our housekeeper tells us it seems that the original Dr seems to be doing his own thing at the clinic and the others don’t typically do that. All of this because the ‘local’ vaccine isn’t acceptable in the rest of the world. Then our sweet orange cat, Freya, did her Devil impersonation and bit our housekeeper (who is an animal lover, so she wasn’t scared).

I would like to note that this all took place in the ‘clinic’ the size of my living room, but it was all in a single hallway. People were coming in and out with other animals, to get medicines and to talk with the vet. Their ‘exam area’ was open to the main door.


I’m glad I love these fur balls. Especially the one giving me side eye all day because I put her in a crate.

Talk about what you’d like, OT time!

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