I mentioned yesterday that the first day of spring is the Persian New Year (called Norouz). So happy spring to you all! Here is the haftseen that my mom and I set up. Basically, a haftseen is a table setting that includes seven (haft in Farsi) items that begin with the letter "s" (called seen in Farsi) as well as some other items. The items all represent the rejuvenation that comes with springtime after a long, dreary winter.

1) Sabzeh - it's the grass-looking stuff in the picture. Basically, my mom made it out of sprouted barley and lentils. This represents rebirth and regrowth.
2) Samanu - it's right in front of the sprouts in the picture. It's a type of pudding made from wheat sprouts which is actually good and sweet. It takes a long time to make it, so it represents sophistication as well as the sweetness of life.
3) Senjed - it's the ball of fruit in front of the pink flower pot. This is a type of dried fruit and represents love.
4) Seer - garlic; represents health and medicine
5) Seeb - apple; represents health and beauty
6) Somagh - sumac powder, which is red and represents the color of sunrise
7) Serkeh - vinegar; represents patience and age

There are also other items such as a mirror (ours is hanging on a well above the table), flowers, sweets (my mom made baklava!), coins in rice (sekeh—represents wealth), painted eggs—much like those used in Easter (I've included a picture of mine!), candles/lamps, pomegranates, goldfish, etc.


So yep, I just wanted to share this day with you guys! And maybe you learned something new about a cultural celebration that you didn't know about. Wishing you all a wonderful spring, and think of it as a new start if you haven't already gone through with a New Year resolution in January or want to make some positive changes in your life :)

ETA: Also, probably going to delete this post in a few hours.