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Happy Sunday! (AM OT)

I can’t believe it’s Apr. 2 already! I can almost taste summer break. :)

Anywhoozles, what’s on the vagenda for the day, lovelies?


This is the first weekend since the inauguration that I haven’t had a meeting or protest or rally to go to and, honestly, I am realizing how much I need the break. I’ve been planning all my weekends around activism and it’s taking a toll. I am grateful for a quiet weekend!

Today, I will be doing some work and housework. I’m hoping to finish up S Town (because my god!) while I’m cleaning. I think I can talk Homey into making French toast for breakfast (fingers crossed), so at least I’ll have a good start. :)

How about y’all?

ETA: I’m about to start my menu for the week... any new favorite recipes you want to share? Or old favorite? I’m a veggie but feel free to share whatever. Thanks!

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