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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy Sunday! (AM OT)

Good morning (afternoon or evening), GT! What’s your plan for the day? I hope you have some rest planned for yourself today. :)

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We had a ridiculously lazy Saturday yesterday. Usually, I go to yoga, and come home all energetic and ready to take on the world. Yesterday, I came home, made some breakfast and crawled into the basement and watched TV, like, alllll day. I had two breaks: one, for a shower, and two, to go get dinner. But, otherwise, I was an absolute bum.

Usually, I feel kinda guilty for days like that, but it was windy and miserable outside and I was honestly just so tired. And it was nice to be a bum. :)


Today, I have to pack, then we’re going to my parents’ for Easter brunch/my dad’s birthday celebration. After that, a friend and I are headed out of town to a conference. We’ll be in the car for a couple hours, then the evening will be getting dinner and sitting in the hotel hot tub. Yay!

How about you guys?

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