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Happy Sunday AM OT

Mornin’, afternoon, and/or evenin’, all! How’s your Sunday?

Anything fun planned for the day? I woke up and am still a bit sick though I thiiiiink I’m on the mend (? Maybe? Please, God?). I hate being sick on the long weekend but I’m so, so grateful I can take my time getting back to normal.


Today, Homey and I are writing postcards for the ACLU, encouraging folks to vote. Depending on how I’m feeling, it might be an afternoon nap OR we might go see a matinee of Ocean’s 8 (still haven’t seen it!).

My mom brought over some veggies from her garden so, tonight, I’m going to make zucchini fritters in a tomato sauce over spaghetti (similar to eggplant parmigiana but with eight ball zucchini instead of eggplant).

How about y’all?

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