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Happy things

I feel like I've been a bit on the whiny (whinny?) and needy (and, dare I say it, FIRST WORLDY, quelle horreur!) side here lately, so I'm going to make a post about nice things.


So, as it may have been apparent from previous posts, I on occasion encounter static at my job. Everyone does. It's part of having a job. Unfortunately for a woman in the ministry, static at one's job is often harder to deal with, harder to make go away, and there's no real recourse for the person on the receiving end of the abuse. C'est la vie and all that. It's kind of what you sign up for when you enter this world, sadly.

But, it's not all craptacular.

On Wednesday, I got a phone call from a member I didn't know who had heard that I was going to be alone for Thanksgiving. She said that her family had just moved into town and didn't really know anyone and would love to have me over. They were a very kind, genuine and welcoming family and we had a great afternoon/evening. Look at that! I found a new friend.

Also on Wednesday, I was taken out to lunch by a choir member who was extremely sweet and complimentary about the work I do. She said that since I don't have a mom in town, she would like to be my surrogate mom. She mentioned that she knows I get some static but doesn't really understand why, and I told her and her daughter that I try to live by my father's catchwords when that happens: Grace and Competence. Their response was that I embody those things and more perfectly.


So, anyway, what's the point? The point is that it's very easy to get caught up in all the things that don't go right. Negative thinking becomes a self-feeding cycle and a self-fulfilling prophesy. Venting is healthy and cathartic, but too much focus on the anger/hurt/sadness can make us blind to the moments of kindness and beauty. I am surrounded by small kindnesses and I am determined to see them.


So, tell me those little, amazing, awesome moments, people! Someone smiled at you just because and it wasn't creepy. Someone helped you get your bags into a cab. Someone told you a nice thing simply because they love you as a human being (or robot. or cat. or dog with human hands.)

I'm now going to change over the laundry and do my nails because I'm tired of silver crackle topcoat over dark wine red. This should be a job since the stuff has been on for a week and simply won't chip! Many removers. Much cotton ball.


Give me things to read while it dries!

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