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Happy Things/Treat Myself Day/Heartfeels

I got some cute and inexpensive things today at H&M, and guy-friend found out he got into graduate school today! Hooray!

I got this comfy little lightweight cotton sundress-y thing, which I love because it’s not too short and it actually has a slight scoop neck, although the pic doesn’t reflect that well. I’m happy because the high neck trend that seems to be everywhere does not work on my body shape at all. Hard to tell again from this photo, but the little diamonds are pale pink on the inside.


Also, I found these little cotton under shorts, 2 pairs for $10 and I’m so excited because they fit me very comfortably in the waist, have enough stretch to fit my thighs, and are lightweight enough to disappear under dresses. No more thigh chafing in the summer time! No more tights when it’s way too hot to wear them! Yay! I got one black pair and one white pair. They come down to about 5-6 inches above the knee.

Also, I bought a new mascara, Dior Iconic Curl, because my old MAC one I got before christmas is all dry and flaky now. I tried it on when I got home and I like it so far! It definitely gives a lot of lift which is good for my eyes because they’re a little bit hooded and I can never remember to use my lash curler, lol.

So guy-friend/boyfriend (for all intents and purposes, at least. we haven’t really started using that label yet but it feels kind of right at this point) is officially going to grad school for counseling. He’s beyond ecstatic, this is something he’s worked towards for 6 years. I am super proud of him and having all kinds of feels of my own, because I hope to go into that very same program in two or so years from now, it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 15. I’m feeling really strangely emotional right now, honestly. Trying not to project into the future too much, but I’m so glad and proud to be dating someone that has the same dreams and ideals as I do and is really putting in everything he has to go out and achieve them, and make the world a better place with his life’s work. He’s just a genuinely good man- healthy, honest, emotionally available, caring, kind- and I don’t know that I have ever, ever been able to say that about anyone I’ve been involved with up until this point. I was so used to being the one with the stronger moral compass in my relationships and I had no idea what it could be like to see eye to eye with someone in this way. Even if this doesn’t work out, I hope we will be friends for a long, long time.

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