Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

There's this 10 day happiness challenge article on Purpose Fairy that is really neat. I don't follow each per day but try to incorporate as many as I can remember at all times. Its a good read when the blues attack.

Sorry for the giant text, it was a direct copy/paste from the article!

  1. Day 1: Give a smile to every person you meet
  2. Day 2 – Return to ONEness
  3. Day 3: Practice forgiveness
  4. Day 4: Let go of pointless drama, toxic relationships, thoughts and behaviors
  5. Day 5: A complaint free day
  6. Day 6: Embrace an attitude of gratitude and appreciation
  7. Day 7: Practice Self love and acceptance
  8. Day 8: Practice random acts of kindness
  9. Day 9: Lighten your material load
  10. Day 10: Awareness Day

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