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Happy to Be Here: An update on the self-penned obituary.

Last week, I shared the obituary that Jane Catherine Otter wrote for herself. Today, the New York Times shares more of her story: Dying with Dignity and the Last Word on Her Life.

Over the last few months, she kept revising the obituary. She and Mr. Marts chose a picture from before they were married, taken in a photo booth at the Space Needle; for the newspaper, Mr. Marts cropped himself out.

Ms. Lotter took advantage of the state’s Death With Dignity Act. “Suicide is the opposite of how Jane saw her life,” Mr. Marts said. “She loved life. She just didn’t want to end up like a fish flopping on a dock.”

“It’s tricky,” he said. “You have to do it yourself. Some people wait too long and slip into a coma.”


I can't think of more to add than love to all involved.

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