Good morning/afternoon/night, it's going on half nine here and this morning has already been filled with so much goodness, I thought a happy post would be in order! It can't all be poop all the time right?

What am I happy about today?

1. This morning Pixel was trying to catch a fly that was out of her grasp. She was mewing funnily and rolling her head around like a crazy person. I managed to catch the last bit on film.


2. I went for a 5k (3 miles) run this morning before work and it didn't suck! I actually ran (very slowly) most of the way!

3. Since I had time to spare I had some breakfast after my shower, which doesn't happen often.

4. On the way to work I bought a bottled Starbucks cookies & cream drink as a treat.


5. As I was getting out of the subway a friend sent me the album of a singer on Spotify which was the perfect type of music for a relaxing morning.

6. I ended up strolling the rest of the way to work, in the sunshine, with this music in my ears. Any kind of rush or stress I felt at the time just melted away and I walked to work with a smile on my face.

7. I took over the speakers at work and continued this very relaxing music.

8. Tonight I'm going to have a bbq with my girlfriends who I haven't seen in one place in about a month.


What things make you happy today?