It's Dean's favorite day of the year! Rejoice!

I'm having a great day because I got a two hour delay due to the snow but I could still mail out my very time sensitive packages (THANKS IRS) because the federal government was open (fuck you P.O boxes not being able to accept UPS)!

AND tonight I'm flying out to the West to go skiing with my boyfriend, his mom and various coupley friends! Not that I know much about skiing, but I'm excited to go. This is just a chatty post (INANE alert, if you didn't get that from the title) but I'm in a good mood because task completion.

Now, I'm off to go stare at pictures of Dean Winchester (not Jensen, I have a weird moral compass that gets squicked out by drooling over married men....) in lieu of doing real work! WHEEE

Anyone else have fun things they want to talk about? Help amuse me while bored at work when EVERYONE ELSE took a snow day!