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'Happy vagina, dear Sally, happy vagina to you!' was sung to my friend by half of the cast of the local-ish production of the Vagina Monologues last night because it was her birthday. She and her girlfriend seemed a bit embarrassed. I hope they had a couple of happy vaginae (this is the form my browser suggested I use) that night.


The words on cards were the euphemisms for vagina thrown off the stage during the show. I caught the Monkey Box one and collected the rest after.

Then we went to a multi-culti (is that a word in English? it should be) festival, got drunk on caipirinhas at the Brazilian stand and had some delicious food (chicken curry thing for me) at the Thai stand.

Mission to infiltrate the local lesbian scene - accomplished.

Next mission - lose 11 k for the 10 year high school reunion in 11 weeks. I suppose I'll get that shower now and go for a walk before it gets dark.


Are you having a happy vagina weekend?

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