What’s your plan for the day?

I’m feeling better today, leading me to believe that I just have a virus. I woke up able to swallow without pain and breathe through my nose, so yay!

I’m a little bummed as I was supposed to do a 5k tomorrow morning with my mama and my besties but I think it’d be way better for me to sleep in than to get up and walk through the cold, so I canceled. :( But I need to get back to work on Mon. and need to make that the priority.

Anyway, since I’m better but not all the way there, I’m going to stay close to home and do some work organizing my closets and dressers. I’m actually looking forward to having it done and I’m in a slash and burn mood—bye bye clothes I don’t wear!!


Ok, your turn—what’s good in your ‘hood today?