Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy whatever day it is OT!

Morning yall - all the days keep feeling like other days. Last week every day felt like Friday except Friday, which felt like a Wednesday. Today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday or possibly a Thursday. It’s all topsy turvy over here.

I hope everyone had a good long weekend and if you’re back at work or if your kids are starting school, I hope that is going well too and I’d love to hear about it!


I had a delightful weekend of taking a lot of muscle relaxers and reading a lot of books while constantly dozing off. Today its back to the chiropractor and hopefully cleared to exercise again! This week I also meet with my group of lovely girl friends to discuss the trip we started planning over a year ago to visit Salem, MA in mid October and I am very anxious about it. Because the thought of the trip has been one of the things holding me together through quarantine, and I would be desperately sad not to go it still seems like.... not a good time to travel. And like not much will change in one month. And while some stores and locations are partially open, most of their big festivals and celebrations are cancelled. I worry we will be split as a group between the people who travel all the time and have more money/freedom and the people (myself included) who do not travel all the time and who would rather save money/vacation days to go at a time when we can get the full experience. This would be the first vacation I’ve ever taken that wasn’t a family/friend visit, where I just went some place I wanted to go and not for another person. I’d take any advice, because honestly, it feels like I’m going to feel bad either way haha.

In honor of it maybe being fall soon (still in the mid 90s here, as per usual and I know a lot of other places are having crazy weather!), here is a baby picture of my dog that popped up today on my memories, wearing a fall sweater from our Midwestern days:

this is my dog. i took this photo. probably with a flip phone cause it was 11 years ago.
Photo: violetbaudelaire

(yes she has a tiny broken paw but it never slowed her down! She weighed about 1.25 lbs here)

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